Renew My Church

As you may have heard, St. Joseph Parish is currently going through the Renew My Church process. This process is a spiritual and structural renewal of the church community in order to ensure parishes have adequate resources for future vitality.  We are part of the grouping with St. Michael the Archangel Parish and Holy Cross – Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Please find more information about this in the attached brochure.

RMC Brochure-English

RMC Brochure-Español

RMC Brochure-Po polsku

As you read in the brochure above, we are in the first of three phases, the Discernment and Decision phase. During this phase the parish teams from the church groupings are meeting to discuss possible scenarios for our Parish community, however the Cardinal will be the one to decide what the outcome for our grouping will be. Please scroll down to see information in English, Spanish and Polish on the various scenarios for the future of our Parish that have been presented. We welcome your thoughts on these scenarios, as well as your insight if there are any scenarios not listed on here that you may think of. Please read the information below and send us your feedback via facebook or email.

All feedback must be received by Saturday, September  12, 2020.












You can also find more information about this process by visiting the Archdiocese of Chicago Renew My Church website:

We welcome your feedback, comments and questions about this process, as well as any suggestions for scenarios. Please send them via email or via our Facebook Messenger:

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